How Box Breathing Can Help You Survive

You might do well as a prepper to learn (and learn well) the single most important skill that will keep you alive in a crisis. What is this unusually critical skill, this crucial, all-important element? Keeping your head. You can call it “keeping your cool”, “staying frosty”, or just keeping calm and thinking clearly. No …

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If You Build it, They Will Come

by Todd Walker I’m not one to ask for help often. But I’m glad I did. They kept showing up in the Georgia heat and humidity ready to sweat through 90+ degree temperatures. The Crew disassembled the log cabin in one day at the end of June. Once the logs were moved to the new […]

Deja vu: Building an Off-Grid Log Cabin… Again

by Todd Walker Three 21 foot logs, the crowning roof logs, lay on the ground debarked with pine sap oozing like beads of sweat. They would serve as my ridge pole and two top plate logs. Then it happened… The landowner’s son, my good friend, walked to the cabin site and told me that the […]

BANGARANG! Lost Boys Grow Meat in the Ground

by Todd Walker I couldn’t believe what a student told me in Science class a few years back! “You grow meat in the ground.” What!? I fought back the urge to laugh. He was dead serious. Clearly, “No Child Left Behind” wasn’t working, or was it. We’re all ignorant on certain subjects, but growing meat […]

The Caveman Catalyst in Your Tinderbox

by Todd Walker The human love affair with fire is intimate and ancient. Over the flames we cook, celebrate, spin tales, dream, and muse in the swirls of wood smoke. Fire is life. Its warming glow draws us like moths to a flame. It’s not a stretch to believe that a Stone Age chemist recognized […]

Scary Sharp: Rooster’s Foolproof Ax Sharpening Method 

by Todd Walker “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” This quote, falsely attributed to Abraham Lincoln, is inspirational but scary to anyone new to ax-manship. I get the idea of the quote. But four hours to sharpen an ax? Okay, if an ax […]

How Danner Boots Screwed the Laws of Physics

by Todd Walker A boot full of blood. Tenons and bones severed. A tourniquet to stop arterial bleeding. After watching the video footage of the ax striking my foot, all of the above should have happened but didn’t. I kept working on the log cabin. In fact, a whole month passed before a coworker noticed […]

Dirt Poor Floor Joists for an Off Grid Log Cabin

by Todd Walker I think I now understand why so many pioneer log cabins had packed dirt floors. Ease of construction may have been the #1 reason. Lacking dimensional lumber, time, and labor, a dirt floor was an easy solution. You weren’t necessarily poor, but the term, “dirt poor”, stuck. Believe it or not, there’s […]